I tell you now, I’m gonna move up in my life. I’m gonna get the family back together. I got big dreams, you know what I mean? I don’t want no more gangs, they going nowhere man, no more killings. You see I take this gun here and throw it in the trash can. I love my mother. I love my father and my brothers and sisters and my aunts and uncles, you know? I love my family.  I don’t want to hurt nobody no more. No drugs, no stealing.  I’m going to get a good job, you know? Something with a future. Something that I can grow in. I want to make my family proud. I want to be somebody. And with your family behind you, you can do that.  And I’m going to. I’m going all the way, you know? OK?
That’s what I was thinking about. I’m standing on the corner looking at my car, thinking this, you know? Then all of a sudden this jerk comes up to me. This dope, man, this no good jerk, man, he’s wearing a suit and he starts talking to me, you know? I couldn’t believe what he was saying to me. To me, you know? I’m a man and he starts talking to me like this. You know what he was saying? This stupid dope. You know what he was saying, man. He walked right up to me and he said this:

“I feel so good. I want to give. It feels so good to give. I know you’re a poor person, but you aren’t really bad. You’re just confused and unable to help yourself.  I want to help you and contribute.  It feels so good to help. I’m here to make a difference in your sad life. You don’t have to apologize to me for feeling empty. I feel your pain and hopelessness. I want to give and you don’t have to do anything. I feel so good.  You don’t have to beg anymore. I am here. Oh, I feel so good. I love to care. ”

That’s what he said. That’s what this jerk was talking to me, you know. I’m a man and he’s talking to me like this, you know. Then he wanted to give me money. I told him, I didn’t do nothing for this money. Why are you giving…where did you get this money? Did you steal it?  He wanted to make me not a man anymore, you see what I’m saying. You know what I did? You know? I said, “Let me give you something. Is that OK, man?”  He told me not to be stupid. That I was too underpriviliged – I didn’t have nothing to give him. But if it felt good, he would accept it whatever small token I had. So I gave him a knuckle sandwich, you know? BAP!!! He’s holding his nose. I grabbed him by the seat of the pants and threw him out into the street. Get away from here, man. Don’t never come back here. I really give you something. Oh, the guy is nobody, man. He was getting in my way.

So anyway, like I say, we going to be a family again. And I have this beautiful girlfriend and I’m going to ask her to marry me. We gonna have some children; have our own family. And in the future, I’ll have my own business, you know? A good business. And I’ll work for my life. And we’ll do it together and I’ll be a man. You know? That’s what I’m going to do. We going to have some great kids. And when I get my place I’ll invite you over and we’ll sit and we’ll eat and we’ll talk. Maybe we’ll even do some business together. Man to man, you know? I got a future now. I can see the road. And I’ll introduce you to my family. Everybody, man. I got a big family, you know?